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Duvet Blanket Cleaning

Duvet/Blanket Cleaning

There is no better feeling than sleeping in between freshly laundered bed linen. But that does not necessarily mean that your duvet is equally as clean.

These days it is highly recommended to clean your duvet, blanket and pillows every 6 months.

FACT: Scientists conducting a study found that a typical duvet can contain in the region of 20,000 live house dust mites along with bacterial and fungal spores they leave behind.

Our duvet/blanket cleaning service works to provide effective sterilisation and removal of allergens, leaving your duvet fresh and hygienically clean. As, an additional service, we can add an extra sanitisation detergent to your duvet/blanket to give you peace of mind in knowing that your duvet/blanket was cleaned to the highest standard available in the industry.

Once cleaned and dried, your duvet/blanket is stored on a breathable carrier designed to carry and store large/bulky items. This will keep your duvet/blanket clean and fresh until you are ready to use it.

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