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Sports Kit Cleaning

Muddy shorts? No problem well sort it!

We offer a complete sports kit cleaning service where quality of service is paramount. From football kits to cricket strips, we can offer a full wash and dry service at an exceptional low price. We use large commercial washers to ensure a thorough wash, using premium cleaning detergents to assist in tackling those heavy stains. Kits are neatly folded to ensure minimal creases.

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If you enjoy sports at a competitive level, you need to look well turned out and professional. If youre smart, clean and ready for action, the chances of success in the sporting arena increase substantially.

But all too often, a clean sports kit is an afterthought. And in some cases, people forget about their dirty kit until its time to put it on. Not only does this look bad, but it also accelerates the degradation of your gear.

Depending on the sport youre involved in, your sports kits could end up in a terrible state on a regular basis. If you play a contact sport such as rugby or football, for example, your gear could be caked in mud almost every week Add blood, sweat and tears to the mix, so leave your dirty kit worries with Queens Dry Cleaner and we will make it new once again.

With all this in mind, weve put together a series of steps for keeping your sports equipment clean and odour-free. But first, here are a few reasons why regular, effective cleaning is a necessity for all sports kits.

Cleaning removes bad odours

Even after washing, a sports kit can be smelly. After all, youre probably sweating profusely in it regularly. If youre playing contact sports, the last thing you want is to smell bad on the field of play.

Cleaning removes bacteria

The levels of bacteria on dirty sports kit are off the scale. And theyre potentially harmful to your health as well as the health of those around you.

Cleaning prolongs the life of your sports kits

Stains often spell the end for a sports kit. However, if you react to them quickly and in the right way, you can significantly prolong the lifespan of your sporting garments.

We at Queens Dry Cleaner treat all the following professionally

  • Treating grass strains on sports kit

  • Treating blood stains on sports kit

  • Washing sports kits

  • Cleaning boots and footwear

The trick to keeping your sports kits clean is fast action. The quicker you can start cleaning, the easier the job is. Queens Dry Cleaner is always prepare what you need in advance. Before you set off, we have gather together all the tools and cleaning agents youre going to need. And wherever possible air-dry everything.

If you stay vigilant and disciplined, you should be able to keep your kits in great condition. And youll be able to prolong their lifespan in the process.

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